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Every company starts from the talent of their team

From Agree Consulting we help our clients to develop a strategic direction in Human Resources policies aligned with labor regulations and Jurisprudence, giving great importance and value to Human Capital. In the same way, we advise on the management of international mobility with the sole objective of successfully implementing an expatriation policy.

All this together with a labor legal service that helps, advises and adapts to our clients in their decisions within the strategic direction of Human Resources.

Our extensive experience in private companies at a national and international level allows us to offer a personalized service to our clients, offering a wide range of proposals and solutions for the development of Human Capital and compliance with labor regulations. We are a team with advanced university training, Master in Management and Human Resources Management, PhD in Labor Law and Social Security.

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Our services

We carry out all kinds of HR programs and interventions in any of the 3 commercial formats with which we work to reach and help all types of organizations. We work under the culture of continuous improvement and try to instill this philosophy in our clients, also looking for a clear return on investment.

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Legal advice
Legal advice

Study of judicial and extrajudicial files in the jurisdictional order of the Social and Mercantile. Fiscal advice. Defense of dismissal demands. Disciplinary management and sanctioning process to workers. Inspections of Work and Social Security. And also at a particular level filing lawsuits for dismissal, rights and claims of amounts. Processing of files in FOGASA and General Treasury of Social Security.

International Management
International mobility

Development of policies for the expatriation of workers: endtoend process (expatriation / impatriation of workers). Processing of residence permits and work visas. Homologation of university degrees in the country of destination. Fiscal advice.

Human Capital Management
Talent management

Implementation of Human Resources departments in its entirety. Development and improvement of Human Resources policies. Performance Management and Evaluation: study and implementation. Management by competences. Talent Management: Employer Branding; retention and talent search.

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